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A Story..

VOCALOID (Vocal Android)
In 2003, Yamaha announced that it would "soon" a new software, but without revealing many details. It was in January 2004 when the company finally introduced the software named Vocal. This came out as a product of synthesis specifically, but rather as an application of music library. It was thanks to other companies or groups of developers who turned it into a synthesizer such as integrating Vocal for this package:

- Zero-G Limited (UK) created a Leon, Lola, and Miriam, who come to be "characters" virtual, to which were made for the voice, and they reproduce the letters that introduce the schedule.
- CryptOne Future Media (Japan) later created a Meik and Kaito with the same function, but more elaborate.

In January 2007, Yamaha announced a new version of vowels, Vocaloid2, which include synthesis of new enhancements, interface and usefulness. PowerFX took the English version of Vocaloid2 named Sweet Ann.
Future Media CryptOne still in your line of characters and make improvements for vowels, and this time no less serious. Developed two new packages, each with a new character, although one of them would not be a character, would be a duet.

She is the first virtual character for Vocaloid2siendo out very well received by the public,
is becoming a very popular celebrity
to the point of view it as an idol,
made his name with this compound words = First Hatsu, Ne = sound = Miku future
she is a singer for 16 years, measuring 1.58mts weighs 42kg
based on his voice dubbing actress Saki Fujita.
Miku has a total space
has a large collection of hearing aids,
has a lot of music that she composes,
board many musical instruments,
and when a store is a nice accessory calypso, buy a 2x3.
It has a kitchenette which has a shelf full of chives and where ice, tires, corn, alcohol, cell phone chips said (that is to bribe your friends when you want a favor)

hosen by a combination of Kagami [mirror] Ne [Sound].
With the first syllables of his name a pun on the "left" and "Law."
Rin & Len Kagamine are the voice of the talented, "Shimoda Mami"
which plays a dual role with a voice to these characters created,
A powerful voice of android = Vocal (Bokaro).
Rin and Len has a powerful pop-rock, electro-dance pop, pop SOURUFURU, pop songs,
and edit the details or add SOURUFURU as Enka and singing can be a challenge.
In addition, the voice is the voice of Len gruesa while Rin's voice tends to be electric in the style of robot.
These are a pair of twins very loving and special
their voices are so sweet and electro enjoyed their voices :D
Birthday: Eternal 27/12/Juventud: P
Age: 14 years.
Height: 152cm
Weight: 43kg
Favorite Genre: Electro-pop and rock / pop - Enka
Good range: F # 3 ~ C # 5 F # 5 C # 3 ~
The tempo of good songs: 85 ~ 175BPM 85 ~ 175BPM
His voice is designed to be easy to understand,
very clean with a tune suitable for hard rock,
danceable pop songs, pops and emotive folk songs
(genres that specializes in).
When her gender factor is high, your voice will become thicker
can execute powerful rock tunes, and on the contrary,
when gender is diminished, his voice acquires a touch of "electrical"
giving the user the ability to produce songs with a tone "chibi-robot."
The storm in the best plays
ranges from 85 to 175 BPM (beats per minute)
while the range of sound is appropriate for her to E3 C # 5.
His departure was scheduled at the market in December last year.

Birthday: 27/12/Siempre be young xD
Age: 14 years.
Height: 156cm. (Is small xD)
Weight: 47kg.
Genres favorable: Rock / Pop / Dance / Modern Japanese Baladas.
Range of specialized voice: ~ D3 ~ D3 C # 5 C # 5
Pro Tempo: 70 ~ 160BPM 70 ~ 160BPM.
Len is a very special guy and very sweet
the while it has a twin sister is very cute
and is not competitive, always tries to overcome as well :D

A comparison of his sister Rin
The guy is a super quiet and peaceful xD
it tends to be selfish,
but nevertheless it remains current

They are a Great Duo!
its range of voice and different tempos
but at the same time are what
this combination makes great
Their voices are designed to
be easy to understand why
his voice is very acute
touch of a boy xD

sings what he likes best and most genera are:
Rock! ^ ^ XD is moved
that is why I also like the Dance and Pop
Baladas but Japanese Modern Rock and is their specialty :)

His name is Luka Megurine, has 20 years, measuring 1.62 cm and weighs 45 kilos.
Went on sale on January 30 at a cost of 15.750 yen.
has recently come to light, the charge of his voice is Yuu Asakawa.
The preference of Latin musical genres including Jazz, Pop & House Ethnic Dance Electronica.
Remember that you can sing
both in Japanese and in English.

First person, / 00 / Prior to Miku Hatsune
It has a great collection of songs and a kitchen with a lot that is addicted to coffee, a box of tomatoes, but said his collection of microphones
(The worst mistake of Meik was given a microphone to Yowane Haku)
No more info but it can go to the official network ...
Age: 16 years.
Weight: 47 kg.
Height: 162 cm.

As a mascot character, being the counterpart of Meik,
is also the older brother figure for the vocal group,
often called "nii-san."
Kaito is often the brunt of the abuses of the "family"
often getting swept by the Twins' road roller (Roda-Rolla).
He wears a white coat and a blue scarf.
His character is the ice cream, which is very fond of ice cream
In particular, he loves the brand Häagen Dazs.
On some songs, and was observed with many Fanfics Miku Meike or boyfriend, but is also linked with Kagamine Len as a popular yaoi couple.

Unknown Age, Height 1.63 cm, weight 45 kg, Enrollment in Arm: DTM
It was created as of this complaint "Buy Miku,
But the only thing I get are mechanical noise Desafinado. "
Its name means "speaking little words"
Always drunk by their inability to not being able to sing like Miku
Has three refrigerators full of alcohol strangely
Thousands of CDs and has recorded
and when the listener is very Desafinado, since it can not sing

His full name is Boukaloid (?????) Akita Neru (????).
Bouka means "uncontrolled"
and Akita neru Prodi is translated as "I am arta, I'm going to sleep"
The colors are yellow and black Akita. Your item would be yellow with a cell which flows speaking.

* Age: 17 years
* Height: 150 cm
* Weight: 58 kg
* Item: yellow cell, which spends talking.
* Enrollment in arm: DEN2
Supposedly Miku's friend who hates the Otakus and always carries his "cell"
It is idle, so you do not dance or sing but he likes to insult.
Neru and Haku are considered the shadow of Miku
It has an impressive collection of shells, has 10,000 cellular games, has a chip on his cell phone yellow gold, a large shelf full of chips, sugar, caramel and chocolate comermelos.
It has a collection of games and accessories for the hair very nice.

I present to Kasane teto! xDDD

The software is Kasane teto UTAU a speech synthesizer.
This means that rather than removed from the hand of CryptOne.

But ... who is she?
A shy and beautiful girl!.
Love the bread Baguette o.o.
Kasane is a Vocal "warrior."
This follows from their clothes to give alucion with everything military.
Teto-chan was created on April 1, as alleged Vocalod 03, but was just a joke for the fans.
So has the number 0401 on the arm.
For the UTAU liked them so much that the image taken and she has managed to sing well.
* Kasane teto
* Age: 15 years younger if jaja! is not 31> < * Height: 159.5 cm. * Weight: 47 Kg * Item: Baguette. Bothers you, tell you that your head is a drill ... so shhh! I leave a video jajaja you'll love me love at the end that says ... you are an idiot and says it well happy jajaja

The design of the virtual character of Gackt, Gakupo Kamui, he was ordered and nothing less than the mangaka of Berserk, Kentaro Miura.
On the next page you will find several of the sketches drawn by Miura.
The final design boxes appeared in the speech synthesizer, Gackpoid.
Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

Gackt Kamui+Gakupo Miku+Hatsune Vocaloid
Hatsune Miku is NO, but is an original character
Supercell in which was inspired to write the famous song of the same name)
and I think the cosplay here makes it quite justice.
Is a collaboration between Ryo (music) and HUKE (character and video)
It has a giant rocket launches on his left arm and his left eye
flame becomes blue.

Ego is high Hatsune Miku,
also known as its "dark side"
Miku is a rebellious personality and Tirana,
more sexy and provocative, "and uses darker colors red,
Wear more open.
Also "sings sexy songs" has the same data that it
But the only difference is the personality of the songs and clothes.


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