jueves, 23 de julio de 2009


Hello everybody
this is the re-opening of my blog
because they had not done in English!!~
so I'm doing ajajja :P
in this new section will include things vowel
well as in my original blog in Spanish xD
Add Music,Videos, Games, download folders, and much more!
if someone comes to see something wrong or writing is a creepy word
because my English is not good xD
i know a little English jojojo
I hope you like
while I update the blog
I make this:

Rin Kagamine


16 Tracks

♪~ Descarga [4Shared]

I will put a video~
She sing beatiful!! *-*
I Hope you enjoy!~

Len Kagamine
[Lonely Snow]

16 Tracks

♪~Descargar [4Shared]

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